December 15, 2013

How to Open in Pakistan

How to Unblock Youtube in Pakistan – How to Open Youtube – How to Access Youtube –  open without proxy in Pakistan
The restriction to major sites is becoming the famous trend for the  concerned government
around the world. In Pakistan this kind of problems also raised and affected the whole web world for the users.
As you know YouTube is blocked in Pakistan by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) due to religion violation. Thus, The Govt of Pakistan has raised this issue to the international level to be solved. But It has not been solved yet. Where they have reported to remove the Anti-Islam materials from the YouTube. will not be opened in Pakistan until those materials are not removed. But I’m here to explain some ways to open in Pakistan only for the Educational purpose. If you want to open Youtube in Pakistan then by following ways you will do it easily.
In these days since YouTube is blocked everyone is searching for different ways to open YouTube/Restricted websites in their region. Similarly In the Educational Institutions, This kind of websites (Such as, Facebook, Youtube etc) are to be blocked by the concerned authority due to their privacy. You may have found such kind of restriction in School, College, University and Office also. The people who block websites have a lot of knowledge concerning the other fact. They also keep consider that how to keep this restriction more strong, which no one may break. Though the experts are experts, who break the all restrictions and open the websites. When they’re succeed in this task, they also provide you the same facility to open the restricted websites at anywhere in the world.
Therefore, In today’s post some of the major methods are highlighted to show the ways by which you can open any restricted websites anywhere in the world. Specially this article will be helpful for the students, As they know most of the Educational Institutions have blocked the such kind of websites (Youtube, Facebook etc) in order to push students toward the importance of time.
Here I’ve explained some best ways to Access any restricted website around the Internet.

  • HotSpot Shield
In this method you can access to the blocked/restricted websites. It is a software which is provided for free of use. It has many features to provide you including maximum download speed. It provides you to select the concerned country in order to work anonymously around the glob without any forbidden.
If you want to do so then simply visit the following link ‘’ and download the software (free). When you’ve downloaded this software then install it. When the installation is completed, enable the software and go to visit any blocked website right from your browser. It also provides you to get logged in with your Account with the website you want.
A direct link is added below to help you download Hotspot Shield direct in your PC without going to the official website. Just click on the download link and get it started.
Click Here to Download Hotspot Shield

Steps to Open YouTube In Pakistan With Hotspot Shield :

 First you have to download Hotspot Sheild. You can download it from any place on internet because a lot of sources are giving you a links to download this software. After Downloading, You have to install this on your computer and after installing it whenever you want to Open youtube In Pakistan, you just have to click on Hotspot.exe file. It will start and then when you open, it will Open and when you start hotspot then your IP will automatically Change.
  • How to upload videos on Youtube with Spotflux
The method by which you can use to upload your Youtube videos. It has a good and quite well speed of uploading and don’t let you get any problem in the progress of uploading videos on. One thing more I would like to say that please don’t download any video while using this method, Because it reduces your Internet speed 3 time than your original Internet speed.
Now If you want to use it then simply logon to’’ and download the software from there, which is named Spotflux. Once you downloaded this then Install it in your PCs system. After installation of the software enable it and start your videos uploading on Youtube fast and safe.
You can even download SpotFlux from the following link directly. After you’ve clicked on the below link, your download for this software will be started.

Download SpotFlux to Open Youtube in Pakistan

Spotflux is an IP changer software, which helps you to surf internet anonymously and you can open Youtube with this tool in seconds. You just have to connect this changer and after that you will be able to open Youtube anywhere in Pakistan and whole World.

How To Open YouTube | Blocked Site

Follow my given steps to open YouTube easily. These steps are also giving you a guide about ” How to Open Blocked sites “. You can open every block site after using these steps.

Open YouTube In Pakistan With HTTPS :

Now I am going to tell you first step by which you can Open youtube In Pakistan. This is very simple. YouTube has two links by which you can use YouTube.
The first link has banned in Pakistan So you have to try 2nd Link. I’m using the 2nd Link and it is going in very good manners. I don’t know about your net proxy weather it will help you Or not. If it doesn’t open YouTube then it is because of your internet because some proxy can’t accept https URL. So Just try to open this if it is working then it is the best way to Open YouTube in Pakistan. Link has given below.
  • Access websites by Proxy sites
In this way, You’ll be able to watch videos download only. But with a limit. If you need to open a restricted website urgently then this way would be helpful for you to open any blocked website at anywhere, you want it. If you’ve decided to open websites by this method then simply visit the following websites and have a look on them in order open restricted/blocked website in your PCs. Here I’ve mentioned some Best worked websites to open blocked sites anywhere in the world. Check out these websites.,
Once you’ve visited any of these SSL websites then simply enter the website which you want to open, inside the given search bar and hit on the search and then you’ll see the entered website opened in your browser and enjoy the fun.

Open YouTube In Pakistan With Proxy:

If the first step is not working on your PC then Don’t worry we are also giving you some proxy and with the help of these proxies you can easily use YouTube and take advantage of this. Usage of YouTube with the help of proxy is not difficult. If you open These proxies which I have given below then you see they will ask for a link of YouTube form you, when you put your video link of YouTube then this proxy will open your link through YouTube and you can easily watch your video. And the most important things is that they will give no harm to your device.

November 7, 2013

Send Unlimited SMS On any Mobile Network in Pakistan

Send Free SMS To Mobile | Send Free SMS To Pakistan | Send Free Text Messages | Send Free SMS To Any Network In Pakistan | Send Free SMS To Ufone | Send Free SMS To Warid | Send Free SMS To Telenor | Send Free SMS To Jazz | Send Free SMS To Zong | Unlimited Send Free SMS To Pakistan.


October 26, 2013

Top 8 Wordpress Backup Plugin

Wordpress is the only easiest solution for building a website/blog.It may be for business purposes or general blogging purposes etc.but the worst thing about anything is that you lose anything.So the case with wordpress.Wordpress users felt fear of being lost their all blog avoid this sitution there are huge number of wordpress built in backup plugins.For that,  i am going to share Top 10   Wordpress backup Plugin wit you .These automaticWordpress backup Plugin automatic  will help you to save the backup of  your website on regular basis. So, in any case if you lose your website data, you will always have the option to restore your website with your recent backup.

Top 10  Wordpress Backup plugins


It is an amazing WP backup plugin.Throoug this plugion you can store you blog files into your computer or any other online storage blog.even you can save your files on E-mail account.


BackupBuddy is a premium WordPress backup plugin. It is capable of backing up your entire WP blog with just a few clicks. This includes database, plugin, themes, widgets and files. it has all amazing advantages but it is only upgraded for one year.After that you have again upgrade that plugin.

3.BackUpWordpress Plugin 

This plugin is very simple and automated sechdule backup.

4.Online Backup For WordPress 


6.WP Time Machine

7.Backup Scheduler

8.WordPress EZ Backup


September 23, 2013

How to Disable Copying Of Text from Your Blog

Content thieves are increasing day by day.They just copy original content from some website and paste it own website.Surprisingly sometimes they get better ranks in Search engines.So this becomes embarrassing from the original writer. who spent his precious time on writing article. Although Google Algorithm and Updates recognize these copycats but some times it becomes difficult to recognize the original content ,So protecting your content by disabling right click on your blog can help you.So These tweak will both applicable for WordPress and blogger.

How to Disable Copying Text in Blogger

Follow some simple steps to disable copying of text from your blog posts.

1.    First of all go to your Blogger dashboard.

2.   Now go to Layout<<Add<<Html/java script gadget.

3.   After that copy below code and paste it in Html/java script gadget.

<!-- START trickstoo disable copy paste-->
<script src='demo-to-prevent-copy-paste-on-blogger_files/googleapis.js'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
if (typeof document.onselectstart!="undefined" ) { document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false" ); } else{
document.onmousedown=new Function ("return false" ); document.onmouseup=new Function ("return true" ); } </script>
<!-- END trickstoo disable copy paste-->
4.   At the end save gadget.

How to Disable Copying Text in WordPress

Like blogger follow some simple steps to disable copying of text from your blog posts.

1.     Go to WordPress dashboard.
2.     Then go to Widget Section << Add Html/java script gadget.

3.     Now copy above code and paste it in gadget.

4.    At the end save gadget and you are done disable of copying text.

Final words:-

If you have any difficult or problem relating to this post or wanted to give your valuable suggestion the comment below to explore your ideas.

September 22, 2013

Some Important VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts Which Every One Should Know

Now a days every one is using VLC media player for video playing.The face is that it can run/play almost all formats of audio and videos.Today i am going to tell you some important and useful VLC media player keyboard shortcuts.These shortcuts will definitely save your time.

 VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut  Key/Keys               Function
F                                             Full Screen
Space                                     Play/Pause
T                                             Show Position/Time
S                                              Stop 
Ctrl + Q                                 Quit
+/-                                         Faster/Slower
N/P                                        Next/Previous
Ctrl+up                                  Volume Up
Ctrl+down                             Volume Down

CTRL + E                               To Adjust Audio/Video Effects

Ctrl+ H                                   To Hide/Unhide Controls

M                                             Mute
Z                                              Zoom Mode
Ctrl+Right/Left                   To Skip a 1 minute in the Audio/Video 
T                                            Check remaining Time in Video
Ctrl+O                                   Open Single File
Esc                                          Exit Full Screen
A                                             Aspect ratio
B                                            Audio Track Cycle
C                                             Crop Screen
Shift+s                                   Capture Photo
Shift+r                                   Recording Video
F11                                       Windows Full Screen

How to See Large Size Profile Picture of a Locked Facebook Profile

After launching the timeline in 2012, the first thing Facebook did was Protecting Profile Pictures with Privacy Settings.In Facebook When any one wants to see the full size profile picture of a person who is not in our friend list.Normally in Facebook we can see the large picture by clicking on the Profile picture.But this will only happens when someone whose profile picture you wanna to see has applied privacy policy on its profile.So,Today i  am going to tell all of you a trick. This trick will work on only those user accounts where the profile picture is not clickable from the user’s timeline or profile picture.

See Full Size Profile Picture of a Locked Facebook Profile

      Follow below some simple steps in order to see large size picture of your desired profile picture in Facebook.

1.Open Your Facebook account.
2.Go to your desired user's Profile picture.
3.Right click on his/her profile picture and open it in a new tab.

4.Now in the new tab still small size profile picture will appear and its URL will looks like this.

5.In this URL the size of piture is 160x160 .

6.Now Replace your URL size of picture from 160x160  to 720x720 .then your URL will look like this

                  You have to just replace size of picture from 160x160  to 720x720 .

If you are facing any problem or wanted to give your precious suggestion the don't forget to comment below.